Intuitive Advising

These sessions are simple. My job is to give you the messages I hear, feel, taste, or experiences in most ways. In this session, I may offer you a change in perspective about the information I receive. Please do not ask me to predict ANYTHING.  I do not/will not/never want to do that. That's not my job unless, by some odd chance, I experience something of that sort. It almost never happens. So that's clear right?

I may tell you things you don't want to hear. I may ask you to look at things you don't want to. I give you the information I get in the gentlest way I know. Please know...I will not do therapy or wellness coaching. I never predict illness or death. My job is to give you what I get. Will it makes sense?  Maybe, mayb not.  I tell you what I get.

How much is it? I don't know. That's up to you. You give me through PayPal what you think I am worth. I will go as low as 5 Cents...yes, five cents. I will go as high as you want.

Everything is confidential unless you tell me are going to kill yourself, you have a plan, you have the means. You will give me the name of the person I can call if I feel you are in danger of someone or yourself. If you are a danger to someone else, I will call law enforcement.

After all that, I hope to hear from you.