Helen's Light

I get to work with people that want to grow, change, and are willing to work to make that happen. Part of what I do is to help people deal with the challenges that come with mental health issues. It's hard when, at times, we don't even feel like getting out of bed. You are not alone. How about when we feel like there is no reason to go to work on any given day? It's hard to care when you feel like life is too challenging. You are not alone. You don't have to deal with this all on your own. While I do not do therapy, we work on what happens as you go through therapy to make that process a bit easier. It is sometimes hard when you are doing good work in therapy to live daily life. That's okay. You and I will work best together when you are getting good therapy. Want improvement? Want to feel as though you can reach your goals? Need to feel less alone? Contact me and we can discuss how you can get what you want &/or need. You are not alone.

Intuitive Advising

This service is for those that are less goal oriented. We look issues you are concerned over and then we see how you want to go. It's similar to my wellness coaching but I use divination to help you to look at what you choose to look at. If you are interested in this type of work, please contact me and we can talk. I also train groups and individuals in the use of Mindfulness to make life easier and more fun. I can teach you how to drop into a state of calmness and contentedness to bring you back to you during times of stress. It's easier when we have someone to guide us.

I am on LiveAdvice.com

You can reach me on LiveAdvice.com <a href='http://www.liveadvice.com/calls/PT_interimcall.asp?sid=11117055'><img border=0 src='http://www.liveadvice.com/calls/callimage.asp?sid=11117055&ImageType=1'></a>