Helen's Light

Sometimes we have deep pain. We need a safe space to sit with and express these feelings and thoughts. We work virtually to provide you with the space to work on the complexity of your life. I am the person you can sit with and express to me what you can't express to others. I have no expectations for you or me except that we are both present to help you do your work. I am a mystic and holistic healer.

Intuitive Coaching

I offer this service to those that are less goal oriented and want to work more on connections and relationships. I work to offer support for those experiencing all levels of grief and loss. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

by Helen's Jewelry

I love making jewelry. Really, I love creating of any kind. Creating helps me to center myself. It helps me to express feelings that I may not know I have. You will find some of my pieces on my Facebook page. UNDER CONSTRUCTION