26 Jun

Sometimes I feel like I have no support. But you know, I do. When we feel sad or depressed or angry or any emotion that might make use feel vulnerable, we might feel alone and without hope. But when we think about it we may find that the vulnerable feelings are making us feel alone and like there is no help. 

When we feel sad, depressed, angry, insecure...any of those emotions that really throw us sometimes, we an know that we might have friends or family that are there for us.  No one? Then we can reach out to a therapist or crisis line. Don't worry about calling a crisis line and talking to a complete stranger. Sometimes, that's the best. There's no fear of retribution or feeling vulnerable afterward.We are not alone. It is our responsibility to reach out. Just try it.  Experiment. We never know who might find that you can connect with.

Please know that I am available for sessions. We can talk about fee. I am flexible and I have a sliding scale. Reach out.  ph. 586 666 4191

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