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Sometimes we have deep pain. We need a safe space to sit with and express these feelings and thoughts. We work virtually to provide you with the space to work on the complexity of your life. I am the person you can sit with and express to me what you can't express to others. I have no expectations for you or me except that we are both present to help you do your work. I am a mystic and holistic healer.

Intuitive Coaching

I offer this service to those that are less goal oriented and want to work more on connections and relationships. I work to offer support for those experiencing all levels of grief and loss. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

by Helen's Jewelry

I love making jewelry. Really, I love creating of any kind. Creating helps me to center myself. It helps me to express feelings that I may not know I have. You will find some of my pieces on my Facebook page. UNDER CONSTRUCTION


I am so glad you are reading what is here. My name is Helen O'Bannon. I work to hold space for those that want to explore difficult thoughts and emotions. I am a not therapist but, I am trained as one. My background is in psychology, sociology, metaphysics, and voice acting. I am a holistic healer and mystic. I am transparent as I work with you. When you are with me, you are the center of my attention whether it is on the phone or in an online forum. There are no expectations on you but that you show up and be present.

We will talk about what you need and want. I walk this path with you because I walk it too. I deal with Bipolar 2, PTSD, and dissociation. I know and understand. I can help you with the practical aspects of what it's like to live with a mental illness. I know what it's like to have to go to work and have to figure out how to lift your head off the pillow. I know what it's like to try and get motivated to take a shower. You are not alone.

If finances are an issue please let me know. We can discuss how to get you the help you need and want. What work do you need to do with me?

Hope to hear from you soon,


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